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Welcome to Semipedia.
I'm Shawn (sometimes known as Semishawn). This website is a frivolous little personal project of mine. It's a quaint space where I let my brain children run wild. See, I've always had a fascination with dictionaries, encyclopedias, data bases, and similar online collections. I liked their format, concept, and overall aesthetic and decided I should make one of my own. But I knew I had to add one special thing: dumb stupid foolishness. As it turned out, that's exactly what the doctor ordered. So please enjoy my dumb, stupid, and foolish website.
At the moment, the main form of media on Semipedia are semiterms. Semiterms are new words, terms, phrases, and ideas that I feel deserve to be defined. Each semiterm description page includes a proper definition, extra info, date of publication, and neologists involved in its creation. All current semiterms are listed in the Semiterm Index. In the future, I plan to introduce semipages. Semipages would be longer manifestations of my writing, in the form of articles/analyses. Nothing political. Except maybe sometimes.
This is my first large-scale web development endeavour, so I apologize if the design seems clunky or strange. I try to update the site weekly. Stay tuned for layout changes and possible content additions such as a mailing list or user editing. Thanks for stopping by!